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Welcome to the Johnny Distortion guitar page. This page includes guitars I have had and have sold and does not represent my collection which is much smaller than the photo collection you see here. If you want information on any of these instruments please contact me and I will try and help you out. Thanks for visiting. J. Distortion

Rio, Black Falcon,
This is a beautiful Swiss made jazz guitar. It has been restored and is all original minus the pick up switch that no longer functioned. Rio was the brand name of a Swiss guitar producer who quit building guitars in 1962.

C.F.Martin D-28,
A great acoustic.

Eko X-27, A great toy and fully functional. Made in the late 1960's.

Eko Manta bass, Also a great toy. This is an extremely light short scale bass. Perfect for sissy guitar players like myself.

Eko 1972(?) The guy who sold it to me thought he got it in '72. I am not too sure when it was made. One thing I can say is the pickup is hot as a firecracker.

Rio Hawaiian or lapsteel guitars, These three are all different variations of the Rio Hawaiian design. The two darker ones are mahogany the lighter colored is koa. In any case they are all better made than most guitars like this I have seen.

Gutklang, This is a German made guitar. Pre 1930, That was when the company closed down. It still plays and sounds perfect.


Höfner, 1962, The year is when the guy bought the guitar who sold it to me. I do not know when it was made.

Framus banjo, 1971, This has to be the loudest acoustic instrument I never played. Great for annoying everybody. Very cool.

Kawai guitar 1984, One of my favorite pieces of weird Japanese stuff. I never use it but I like the color.